A Bunch of Samus Aran Pictures

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As the title says. I did a lot of Metroid-themed shots today, mostly to hype myself up for “Metroid: Other M”. And yes, I am addicted to bloom and rim lighting. So sue me.

-In this next shot, this particular version of Samus I was working with was the bikini version, but the joints for her legs are all messed up. It was good because I didn’t have to do so much work in terms of making her look nude using photoshop, but at the price of the unnaturally straight legs. Oh, well. Maybe I’ll do attempt version later…


The second one is the best, if the lack of AA doesn’t count. The lighting is pretty awesome.

They’re good but I still think you’re a creep ryu

Agrees with Joazzz. What happened to the AA?

My computer can only go up to 4x anti-aliasing in Gmod.

On the other hand, I wanted it to look more like an in-game screenshot, so having a little bit of aliasing makes it seem more believable.

Can you post your vmt please, i kinda like the effect you achived with it.

Why am I not surprised about the last picture?

I don’t think I understand what you mean by this.

the posing looks half assed

The pose in the last picture looks really uncomfortable.

He’s right, taking picture of Samus sleeping makes her uncofortable. pervert

I’ve got one more nude Samus. Happy Valentine’s Day, guys.

dat ass

That is a pretty juicy ass.

Sweet zombie jesus.


Is that picture supposed to be some sort of substitute for those without a partner on this pointless holiday? Please.

it’s not filling my needs of penis to vagina contact.

… it’s a poorly detailed and cartoony model with a big ugly head. I don’t get you guys sometimes.

did I say DAT HEAD?

If I have to point out someone in particular I’d say yes.
Just kidding, Chesty. :ohdear: