A bunch of stupid questions

Hey guys, i’m not english my first is Russian and i can have some mistakes in my writing, thanks for understanding.
Q1 - When is “Rust” coming out? Cause i was looking every where and i didn’t find it
Q2 - How often are beta keys are given out for gold members? Because i would’ve bought it if i knew i will get one
Q3 - Is there any one who might want to sell their Rust account for money or maybe steam accounts Dota 2 clothes etc

Q1. Unknown
Q2. Unknown
Q3. You get banned for buying / selling rust alpha keys.

How do you know that buying/selling is banable?

For Q3 i meant your rust account, eg you don’t want to play any more - you’re bored but there is a couple thousand people that could kill for it, and one of them is offering you something good like gift in steam or something else how about that?

Q3-A lot of the people that sell accounts are scammers.The guys that sell keys are 100% scammers as the only valid keys out there are posted in the gold forums thread.

Q1 It’s way too early to be thinking about this
Q2 Garry posts around 10 keys twice a day, around the same times each day. The keys are gone within a couple of mins each time.



some goldies have scripts, and they sell the accounts

Who are those people, can you pm me their names?

He doesnt knpw their names, just that people have scripts.

Any one knows how late it is right now? Lost my eye sight…

just to not open another stupid question thread…
is there any rust or fp channel on any irc networks ?