A bunch of things I would like to see in Rust (again)!

I thought about some things that would make the game even more fun that it is right now!
Here is my list:

You can improve the gameplay a lot by adding more abandoned locations, here some ideas:
-nuclear power station
-swimming pools
-furniture store (might be too much work)

I loved the gun upgrades in the old rust, like flashlights and lasers.
That was awesome, I would be sad if these weren’t added again!

I often read that people want cars.
I think they would be a bit overpowered and wouldn’t fit into the abandoned and dusty world of rust.
Maybe a bicycle would be a nice idea!

The last thing i would advocate are frame improvements.
I read this very often in the comments down here.
Some of my friends don’t have the newest computers and they really have problems with the framerate, despite the lowest graphic setup.
My computer isn’t bad but not the best too, I didn’t find a game yet I wasn’t able to play on highest settings but Rust.
I play it on Simple graphic settings and my framerate is acceptable.

Thanks for reading my post, have a nice day :magic101:

I haven’t played Rust in a long time. Why on earth did they remove gun upgrades?!

They completely restarted programming the game.
I think this was because they failed something in programming, but I don’t know anything about programming.

Well I’m sure gun mods would come back. It sounds silly not to have them!

They are planned along with a billion other suggestions people keep posting without reading the mind map.

All of these things are on the way…

Where can I find this “mind map”?