A Call for HELP! To any and all who know the treacherous waters of accessing rust servers.

When ever I try and access a Rust server, (not legacy servers) I get disconnected once I reach the asset assessment stage.

The message I get is:

Disconnected: Integrity Error: Corrupted memory: Rustclient.exe

When I pull down the F1 menu it reads

[EAC] Game Client Violation: Corrupted Memory: rustclient.exe

I Have tried the fixes that I have read about, setting the generic rust.exe to administrative capacity, disabling antivirus.

If any Admins, Devs, Players know how to connect past this problem I would be grateful to hear your suggestions.

If my computer simply needs upgrading to make the mark then I would like to know that too. So I can stop beating my head against the wall trying to get this to work.

My Pc is:
Windows 7
Intel Pentium D 925 3.0GHz
4Gb Ram <Maybe the week point?>
Nvidia GeForce GT 740 993MHz with 2Gb Ram

Thanks Guys and Gals for your thought. Really want this game to work.

Verify your Rust installation. Also, does this happen with every server, or a specific server? Is that server modded? If it’s only one one specific modded server, that server’s mods are out of date and breaking, and the server admin needs to update their Oxide plugins.

As someone who used a Pentium D 925 until a bit more than a year ago, I salute you for holding on, and at the same time implore you to get a new machine because your computer is simply outdated for playing new games. However, the age of your machine shouldn’t be causing this kind of error. You’re still going to have an uphill battle with getting it to perform well, but the performance situation wouldn’t lead to this.

Thanks Elixwhitetail for your quick response. I have tried the verification method and the reinstalling method. Neither have worked. I seen to have no issues with getting access to legacy servers but really the new one is where its at. I’m wondering what tab on the beta option tab I should be using. Any follow up suggestions and insight you have would be appreciated.

May be of use: LINK