A Camoflagued Combine Sniper takes aim at a unseen target

I do have photoshope elements, but I have no idea how to use it.

This is a recent pose of mine. I was experimenting with the Crysis and COD4 Grass.


What do you think of it and feel free to edit it.

I do know that the grass is floating.

Ghillie’d combine sniper rifle? Since when?

I got the model here.

You should’ve tilted the camera up slightly to avoid showing the bare ground at the bottom. Can’t say much about the pose, although in this case I suppose that’s a good thing - he is quite well concealed.

Ya I realized that.

I was about to do that! :chef:
Its ok, I have a similar screenshot
have a palette!

Turn the graphs to the max when taking a pic mate.
The posing seems nice so as the grass placing.

Also try google for Photoshop tutorials, or youtube :v: both got plenty!

Or this thread.


In the user tutorials, you might find something you need :slight_smile:

This was at my prefered settings, but I will try setting it to higher settings.

But according to my dad, as soon as he updates my CP to Windows 7 ,I going to get a major graphics and memory upgrade.

I just wanted to try to edit this picture abit. This is indeed a quickie. I used maybe 3 minutes on it, but the foreground flat ground just annoyed me too much for me to leave it alone :stuck_out_tongue:


Added abit more cinematic feeling, but couldn’t bother to play around with lightning as im in a bit of a hurry.


And as my secondary screen indicates, the pic might be abit too dark. Well *hit happens.