A challenge for Facepunch...


Why thank you!

theres some kind of force field!

Already got it, nice try.

sorry, LCD moniter. i know theres no gift behind it, you trickster.

It’s just an empty box, you ass

I don’t want to walk out of here 2 feet tall.

Never again will I enter willy wonka’s teleportation machine.

Why don’t you reach it out here so I can take it?

I wouldnt take something from Juggs… he would most likely kill you, IF IT WAS A REAL GIFT.

It doesn’t work, guys.

Spoiler alert, its his dick in a box.

I have to admit, despite Justin Timberlake’s more recent three way with lady gaga during the spring, to me nothing beats off the same way when he and Andy came out with Dick in a Box for the first time.

However, why this can not be that, is because Dick in a Box was done in Source already, remember that YT video where Gordon shows his dick in a box to civil protection?

Also, saw a beer commercial before this comic where the guy was in the fridge, trying to hand the beer to the viewer, but it kept hitting the glass, I guess it never gets old.

Mom always said not to accept gifts from strangers.

it’s a puppy!!

i’m now using a new Laptop

thanks alot my computer monitor fell over.

got it

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aw fuck it’s just a bunch of boxes within other boxes :frown:

Hey! There’s TF2 hats inside!

I owe you one!

it didnt work guys its just a hole if u put ur hand in

What’s everyone acting all complicated about? Obviously, he’s BEHIND your monitor. Simply reach back there, say ‘yoink!’, et voilà: the gift! Easy as pie. Speaking of which, I’m getting kind of hungry…