A Challenge

I’d like to see the Garry’s Mod roleplay community make a new server, based on an entirely unique IP (intellectual property), or setting. No HL2RP, no Fallout, no Twilight, nothing. Your own setting, story and characters.

Make this server governed by mature administrators and those who treat the game fairly.

Make a detailed map (or use a pre-existing one) that allows players do expand on their roleplay, but not so spread out across an entire city with only 45 people to fill it. Detailed != big.

Make it so the players are taught proper character structure and realism. Minimal stereotypes and cliched characters.

Make download minimal. I don’t want to register on your forums I’d have little use for, to download 3GB of junk that’s never used.

Make the server people, not military-centered. Terminator RP, TnB’s HL2RP, Necropolis, BB Roleplay; the sole goal of all is (though not obvious to the naked eye) is to get as much gunz as possible and get into the war, whether it be machine vs. man, rebels vs. combine or human vs. zombies vs. bandits.

Make it so the rules are strict, but allow people to roleplay how they see fit that adds to the server’s environment and allows growth. By strict I mean, you die, you die. None of that “PK appeal” shit I see on some servers. This also ties into the friendly, but stern, administrator team.

Make it fun, while at the same time, thought-provoking and interesting roleplay. This, I imagine, is the hardest thing to do. How do you balance fun (who doesn’t love a cool action scene in a movie) with underlying messages? (District 9 did it wonderfully).

If such a server already exists, please, post it!

Come on people, give me and others a reason to play again. Make me want to download ~20GB worth of Half-Life 2, DoD, CSS and Garry’s Mod (the only steam games I reinstalled since Windows 7 installation are CoD:MW2 and Medieval 2).

EDIT: Actually, after consideration, HL2RP would be alright if the server contained quality roleplayers, resembling the setting of Nineteen Eighty-Four (which the game is so blatantly based off of). To my knowledge, every HL2RP server thus far is either DarkRP, or if it attempts to be serious, has very little content or depth to it.

GMod RP is not for you. Try something text based.

You are asking for too much here, I think that you should look into hosting your own server(s) instead so that you can get exactly what YOU want.

Challenging indeed.

I aim to create the best role-play experience possible in my community but I’m not sure that it has all of the extras that you want. The rules are a bit different and not as restrictive because quite frankly there are not THAT many serious role-players left.

Right now my community does not reach up to your standards but hopefully it will in the future.

Stop advertising in every thread here.

I certainly have not advertised in every thread here, you are overreacting.

I may have mentioned that I have a community in SOME of my posts but I don’t even tell people the name of the community or the url unless they ask for it.

I have only once supplied people with the url to my website and that was in a thread where a guy was asking for a decent role-playing community.

Of course I take THAT as a chance to advertise. But I never make my community sound better than it is.

Also the op of this thread was looking for something a bit different, that’s a perfect time to advertise a bit. I have not given him the url yet because he has not asked for it.

Play Dwarf Fortress.

That game fails. I hate allesi games.