A Character Creation Screen for DarkRP

One of my friends recently bailed on me, and he was the only lua coder. I was wondering if any of you fine gents would care to make one for me? If you do, All it needs is a Roleplay name: (text area, uses /rpname) and a model selection list that sets their model via ply:SetModel, and have it saved in a .txt, that is all.

What? Could you please put these in order.

Like I was a cool DERMA Menu

  • The menu would include
  • And this
  • And maybe this.

That would help.

Alright well. here’s how it would work.

This Menu would include a text area with the text Roleplay Name infront of it. they enter their name and then select a model from the derma thing similar to cakescript. they hit OK at the button, and the roleplay name would be executed by /rpname (what they entered ) and it would use ply:SetModel for what model they chose.