A Cheery Man Struts Throughout the City

Some semi-fitting thread music:


Love the faceposing.


“Hey buddy, what’s with the life preserver?” Came to mind.

Reminds me of


Nostalgia Eli Skin.

“Keep the smile and walk on, they’ll smell it soon.”

that model is cool, also I lol’d at the picture, because it reminds me of the classic “nobody will notice I did something wrong if I act cool and whistle while I walk” … thing. :v:

The 70’s Eli made me laugh.

For some reason, I read the title as ‘A cheese man struts throughout the city’.

Looks pretty good though, like the Eli flipping him off.

Rather happy man.

Rather angry drunk hobo.

Eli is such a grouch

:smiley: Cheerful

I stayed working till late today, and this kinda released some stress from me :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice pic!

PS: Please someone shoot that Old Eli =.=

Thanks everyone. I love the hoody model so, I might do some more poses of him.

where did you get the very…‘civilian’-like models??

on the topic, the pic is pretty funny, i guess the guy forgot to give Eli booze money

Not sure what you mean there, but if you mean the dude in the suit, it was a PM’d release.

He means the models that had been hacked with GTA IV bodies.

Just the one, but I answered that so…

Love 70’s eli :v:

Haha that is great