A chemistry mod

I searched and saw this had been requested before, but not quite what I’m asking for. I just thought of this while doing my chemistry homework. Basically, you’ll have different containers of chemicals connected by tubes and such. You can open a valve and mix the chemicals creating a reaction and doing who knows what. It would essentially be wiremod with chemicals.

Imagine that instead of having boring dynamite, you could mix your own chemicals and make your own bomb. Depending on how much of a certain chemical you use, it could create a bigger or smaller explosion. I’m sure there’s some code in lua that can scale an explosion directly with the amount of something, in this case chemicals. You could do all kinds of stuff with this. Make fuel for cars instead of having magically working thrusters. Make fireworks. Clouds and dry ice. Maybe even chemical warfare(maybe make this admin only). Imagine having some giant laboratory that does all kinds of cool stuff.

Sure it would be cool, but people might think it’s a complex process just to be able to blow up stuff or work their car. This does give me ideas tough. One way this could find an application is on a community axed Roleplay where the chemicals the community took great care to gather and process would be stockpiled and saved on the server. Otherwise a system to complex would quickly become useless since nobody has the time to bother and do it. There’s also the problem of getting the materials, where do they come from? If the appear from thin air like current dynamites then there’s little point to it.

Yea it is of pointless, but I like making my stuff pointlessly complex. I would just make this mod for myself, except I don’t know lua that well.

That sounds sweet as hell man :smiley: