A Chernobyl sunrise.


Picture broke. :byodood:

Since when is radiation an orange blackhole?

Are these actual models or are you hacking/photoshopping them to make them look so damn sexy?
Artifact looks a little weird but besides that pretty awesome

I agree, the stalker bodies look extremely sexy.

It’s not radiation.

The effect near the bottom looks painted on. But the picture is really good overall.

It’s an anomaly. A thing that twists the laws of physics and shit.

If you were that close to the plant.

You would be dead man.

isn’t this map on fps banana ? picture i guess

I forgot to say that I like the prop placement.

Two words.

Protective suits.

That map’s on GMod.org for anyone who wants to know. getting close to the sarcophagus FCUKS U UP.
In other news nice picture.

Artifact could be better, posing is better than the last picture, and prop placement is down right sexy again.

It looks pretty good!

I believe you’re incorrect. If I recall correctly, you can get fairly close to the CNPP while absorbing relatively safe amounts of radiation, since most of the hazardous material was dispersed into the atmosphere or buried. Granted, you can’t spend too much time standing near it, but you get the point.

I have detected the slip-up: Living grass.

Yeah, because grass is usually very dead, isn’t it?

Yes, the grass must be dead because of radiation

I guess all that foliage must be fake then eh

I suppose there’s not that many radiation, so grass can live, but if that would be the moment after 1-5 years after explosion, there would be the dead grass.

We don’t know what date is in the map, so both variants are right.