A child playing with his toys

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Very Nice.

fuck. I love this, Awesome Idea man!

Pretty manly Child hands.

Besides the child’s hand it’s pretty cool.

Posing is so stiff!

Just kidding, they’re toys! Of course they are stiff.

Remind old memory :3

good idea. the source models are about the right proportion and quality to toy figures.

I could never get my toy figures to stand up strait.

10 points for creativity and originality.

I remember that when I played with figures, I could never get the poorly molded guns to fit in their hands, so I had them kung-fu fight instead.

For a child he’s got very, uh, mature hands.

Yo why you stealin’ mah idea son?

But seriously, awesome picture.

Man that hopper mine would be a bitch to stand on my accident

yeah, it’s not so original as it was the first time, but it’s still original

Wow! Great idea!

Toy’s aren’t original.

I’ve seen toys since I was a little kid. :smug:

I like the idea of clashing artstyles, because some figures would look cartoony, others realistic.

Nice work.