A child running away from Civil Protection.

I think it turned out alright. I wanted to focus on the turtle for some reason.

Posing is cool I guess, but the child’s feet look a bit funky(maybejustme)

What is the cop the on the right holding?
From a distance, it looks like a blue dildo

I like turtles.

You really need to work on your standing position, you ALWAYS put one foot looking sideways, and that just looks weird.

It’s a stun baton.

Or a dildo. Your choice.


Child’s feet or CP’s feet?

The CP with the stun baton.

Hmm, now that you mention it the left foot does look a bit to far to the left. I think I originally posed him in a hitting position twisted a bit but decided not to and left the foot alone. I’m not sure to be honest.

Omg, this is so touching and sad.

I think i’m going to cry, nice pic btw.
Well time to go to the corner and weep my ass off.

One problem with the feet posing is that the Metro with the stun baton, his left heel is floating.
Also you have some hand clipping in the arm of the metro on the left.

And the faceposing on the woman is a little anticlimactic.

the girl looks like shes about to get a load in her face

The posing is pretty bad, still Sober.

Could have used a lot more time on the posing. The idea is nice though.

The hand was clipping but because of the DoF I was hoping no one would notice.


Should’ve seen her when I had her eyes closed.

That turtle is staring at me.

Needs better posing.

The posing is really horrible.
The child doesnt look like if its running. More like falling.
The CP with the stun batton is horribly stiff.
The woman is okay.
The other CP looks good tough good job.

The CP on the left should be chasing the kid.