A citadels revenge.


Looks great. :smile:

Beta-like elites look impressive and massive but a bit strange just standing around and doing nothing.

Also I must say, I like your username.

I wasn’t too happy with the walking so I just tweaked the picture a little.

I don’t dig how the dust is totally colourless while the lighting is all orange and shit. Cool though, too bad in-game fire almost always sucks.

I like this.

the synth dude in the background stepping over the rubble looks so badass. really dynamic

I was hoping it you just added legs and arms to the citadel and it was like, destroying City 17.

Still cool though.

the map itself is orange, its a episode 1 map. Not a lot I can do even with some colour correcting.

I don’t like the fact all the scanners just seem to be hanging in midair

Plus they appear to be duped

probably because they are hanging in midair. that’s what scanners do, float around and scan.

But sure you added the dust with the particle maker tool, right? Couldn’t you have made it a bit orange-tinted?

i didnt want to!!!

the smoke itself is supposed to be building dust, i figured because at this period the combine striders were blowing up the city there would be a lot of smoke and dust around, dust itself doesn’t usually change colour.

i might tweak with the colouring of smoke in the future tho

The fire in the BG looks like you literally took the igniter tool and shoot the entire prop, you can see that the flames are just kinda floating,
What i would do is a take a small prop like a rock or something ignite that, and place it deep in the pile so you can perfectly place the flames, that or just photo shop it.