a citizen diving and a muzzleflash



The splash looks good.

Kind of looks like a splash a big shit would make.

But a great attempt, better then I could ever do.

how is this so dumb?

I like how it looks.

The splash looks okay but it merges into the water too suddenly and there aren’t any ripples.

Flash is just meh.

you see how the water slightly rises around him.
and watchu talkin bout my flash is tha shiznit

It’s okay. It’s better than most people’s, but it doesn’t make me say “oh snap”. Put it in a proper picture and I would enjoy it more.

And no I can’t really see the water rising around him.


Splash should be a bit bigger, and going in more directions, instead of up since he is halfway in the water.

This video willk kinda show my point:

As you can see the splash doesn’t really go up untin his thighs are halfway in.

ur editing is so good


almost feels like it’s me