A citizen punching a CP.



The black stuff on the mask is my feeble attempt at editing. Are the legs still too stiff?

Posing is alright, you are getting better. The legs are oddly posed though, and that girl in the background was a bad idea, to begin with she is badly posed, and to be realistic if he just threw the punch at the second she wouldn’t be cheering already. She probably just be shocked. Also IMO for melee fights like this the camera should be closer to focus on them.

If he is still contacting the combines face from the punch, I think it might look cool if his head was a bit turned from the force of the punch, I don’t know, I can’t pose for shit, this is way better than any of mine

The girls not cheering, she’s flipping out. I posed the legs as if hes leaning into the punch, and yeah, I probably should’ve given them more focus.


The punch is just hitting.

i haven’t seen anyone punching someone like this, but whatever

whats the black stuff suppose to be, ashes?
if it is, looks good i guess

also posing looks stiff and combine needs more motion blur

stiff as always, and there is absolutely no visible force in that punch

Sissy punch

As usual, your posing is as stiff as ever.
The guy punching has no expression at all, he just looks bored punching combine as if he did it everyday.
Look at several pictures of people fighting, maybe that’ll help you out.

Remember back to your middle school days when everyone threw pussy punches, now look at the picture, look familiar?


Supposed to be some slight cracking.


No visible force because he’s a righty doing a left hit right hook swing

God bless excuses :dance:

It doesnt really look like a punch(no offense its hard to get it look good). Also the citicens face is too calm for a fight.

reminds me of ROCK’EM SOCK’EM




You’re getting better man.
Also if you are gonna edit in cracking, I suggest a sharper brush.

it should be more sharper, don’t use big soft brushes
and darker would be nice