A citizen smoking his last cigarette


Only thing I have to say is it looks like the butt of the cigarette is where the fire is, and it’s damn bright.

No Garry no! No Garry no! No Garry NO!

Finger is blurred

That was on purpose to hide some extremely rough edges.

The cigarette’s tail has to be alot more fire-ish for the amount of light is producing, right now its too dark, like if the cigarette was off.

I like the face and the lighting, but agree the end of the cigarette needs to have a touch of colour to give the illusion of fire.

how can i add lighting like that in gimp?

I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in this forum… I’ll relight the cig in a minute.

That’s not how cigarette smoke looks like. And there is light, but no glow?

Ingame lighting.

im guessing lightbulb?



Brightened the end.

Super Moderators were asked to look in on this section when we can, and I liked your screenshot so I commented.

You haven’t seen a cigarette irl have you?
The smoked up part of the cigarette (the “bright” part, consists of ashes. But when you inhale smoke it will light up and become orange (Because of the fire)
However in most cinematic cases, the cig will be lit even when it isn’t being inhaled. So you should just make it orange and glowy.

Face lighting look good but the stick should be lighted up next time if you can.

Here are some examples.
a normal cigarette that’s been lit.


And one being inhaled

brightest fuking cigarette ive ever seen