A Citizen's Final Breath

A Citizen’s Final Breath


C&C please.

P.S. I fail at smoke. :saddowns:

Blood/smoke looks very 2D. Also, posing is very stiff.

I tried looking for tutorials on the blood and smoke, nothing. I’ll keep working on it though. Thanks for commenting.


Comparison version up.

The smoke is too bright and needs to be more transparent
The blood is too bright
And yeah, the posing is stiff.


One day Bill was walking, but then he got shoot
Bill said : Oh no!, i got shoot by a Combine!
Bill died
The end.

Floating cops. Fuck yeah!

He’s not floating. :geno:

I’m afraid he is

No, he seriously isn’t. He just LOOKS like hes floating. I swear. :ohdear:

If it looks like it than he is floating.
Atleast in the picture.

Okay, go to the comparison and look at his feet. :geno:

He’s not floating. :v:

Oh yeah, my bad. I see that a part of the platform thingy is lighter than the other part

Not a problem. Human mistake. :buddy:

The metro looks like hes floating ._.

He’s not. :ohdear:

Oh well, but the blood and smoke looks unrealistic.

“oh fuck the juice pouch in my pocket exploded”