A city's guard work together to take down a Cyclops


Just a quickie.

I like this. The lighting and contrast is very nice, the posing is good and the camera-angle and filling of the scene is excellent. The depth-of-field is good too although I’m not sure focusing on the monster would be the better approach. The map is great too, it’s that new mod right?

My only other little complaint would be that the blood from the arrows could do with being a tad darker and a little bit more blurred to fit in with the DoF.

Yeah the blood looked horrible after the post-processing effects but i couldn’t be bothered to alter :smiley:

And no thats from PvK2 not kingdoms =)

Well next time, bother!

Fooled again :stuck_out_tongue:


And the maps are very similar :slight_smile:

I’m gonna do the mature thing and put our differences and say this; this is a very good picture.

That is all.

What differences :v:


Should’ve added the helmets to the guards! But looks good anyway.


It looks very nice. Posing and angle are really good.


really nice depth of field and posing

First time using Super DoF :slight_smile:

He just wants to play :’(