A classic flatgrass for the new age

Hi, I’m Atlas

With S&Box releasing sometime in the near future, I’ve decided to make my own iteration on the classic gm_flatgrass map, with some of my own tweaks, while also learning S2 Hammer.

My initial inspiration was a map I grew up on, playing HL2:DM, a flatgrass map with stairs leading down into various other rooms. (Area 51 Cheat/Build players, where you at?)

I’ll be updating this thread as I go.

Dull Beginnings

Everything is pretty dull and sad at the moment, we can attribute that to the general atmosphere of HL:A, not a patch of green grass to be found.

Thats nicer, a classic green flatgrass.

I’m experimenting with textures provided from CC0 Textures, its a huge resource for me right now, if I want to keep the map nice and bright.

Displacement Mapping???

This shit is basically magic, and its awesome, big thanks again to CC0 Textures for having these.

Starting to look more like the flatgrass we know.

With the concrete pad basically complete, its time to start working down into the depths, underneath flatgrass.

I love smoothed normals!

You can also see the heightmaps in play here, on the tiles

A door!

I found this neat chain door prefab, and it fit very snugly into the hallway here. I’ll get it working later.

Needed some lighting.

The realtime lighting preview that S2 Hammer offers is something I can’t live without now. I didn’t map that much when I played GMod, but this iteration of Hammer is AWESOME!

Even better textures

I finally settled on what textures I wanted to use above ground, the old stuff felt too dark.

Underground Extensions

I’ve started lighting and thinking about what kind of rooms I want to have underground. This will be a sandbox map, so there will be a little something for everyone.

The door works!

This took a bit of doing, I had no idea how the logic system worked prior to this, but it’s pretty simple in retrospect.

And that’s where I’m at, as of May 8th.

I’m excited with the direction this map is taking, I want it to be a VR-Inclusive version of flatgrass, with lots of things to play with.

I thought about doing construct, but other mappers and Facepunch are already getting around to that.

Thanks for reading, I’ll add posts with progress when I have something to show!


What shader did you use to get displacement maps? I assume it’s VR Complex’s detail textures no?


Vr Parallax Occlusion


Looks way better than the tutorial one! :thumbsup:


Looks pretty flat(grass). Maybe the staircase that opens up from the floor should line up to the tiles.


On the screenshot with the bricks it looks like the green channel of your normal map is inverted resulting in shadows on the top surfaces and highlights on the bottom surfaces. Check out the note below the Creation Section here: ValveSDK Wiki on Bumpmaps


They either line up to the concrete border, or line up to the stairs, i think it looks okay anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


I always dreamt of flatgrass as an island. What do you think?
I really liked your idea of a bunker under the map, it fits perfectly for a pc room.


I’m turning this, for now, into my generic mapping progress thread, this is what ive been working on:


Attempting to create some blast doors, this is going to be one tricky rotating door.

Edit: It works :smiley:

Edit 2: Sounds and stuff!


The door is finally done!


When the ordinary concrete platform, it became a secret base of the Russians :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Fixed up a few things, prettied up the map some more.


looks great
keep the good work

this is a neat little map

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