A Clearing in the Forest

I was originally going to place humans or citizens from HL2 or otherwise to have them discovering this look into the past. However, since I was following Vioxtar’s rendering (shoutout btw) I decided to keep it as simple as I could without sacrificing parts I thought would make it cool or scenic.

This is far from a perfected work but I needed to get a feel for lighting with soft lamps and editing the posters in photoshop and I’m not super impressed with the work itself, but I’m impressed with how far the image itself has come from just the game engine. Criticism is definitely welcomed as there were some patchy spots in Vioxtar’s tutorial from time to time.

looks pretty great so far. the one weak spot is that grass up front. you’re better off with just the rocks rather than a choppy texture like that.

I totally agree that the grass doesn’t blend super well but I didnt want it to just drop off to dirt in the clearing i made. might just have to search for the better prop there

Excellent results. I assume you downscaled it from a bigger resolution - it looks like it could benefit from some more anti-aliasing. Right now anti-aliased outputs are only available through the poster_soft_aa command. I patched up my own version of Soft Lamps which helps streamline the commands better and does some extra work for users in terms of anti-aliasing availability, I think I’ll upload it somewhere unofficially next week.

True to your tutorial I did do it with poster 2. So what ever 1920x1080 x2. I honestly felt kind of rookie when I was wondering how to resize the picture then realizing your computer will kinda take care of that on its own lol. Aside from a couple of the parts I struggled with, this tutorial was really helpful in seeing the steps to take and once you get a basis like this you can stylize it any way you want. Thank you for it and I’ll look out for those lamps!