A Clearing, Second-Ish Scenebuild

Since i’m not all that great with scenebuilds I decided i’d practice, i hid a few easter eggs around in the picture.


I used no lamps, I don’t know how I got the headlight effect.




C&C, and all that shit, edit the original how you like, etc, etc.

It’s a pity you darkened your “main” picture so much. The scene is alright and a lot of it is going to waste like that. Sure it can be night, but it’s just silly making something for a screenshot and not showing it.

as for criticism about the actual scene, it’s a bit too monotonous in terms of color. Everything’s either dark matte green or woody brown.

Contrast ovrload


Bloom > Deepen.


Everyone try and find the easter eggs.

Well… i found a gnome.

I like the original better, can’t see shit in the edited one.

I see garden gnome and g-man

Edited, I think you did better, I tried to make it more colorful.


Sweet Scenebuild, Only egg I see is the nome.

No matter how weird it is, but i like his edit. (ZombieWaffle’s one)

The lighting is kinda nice but most of the scene-build really feels like wasted effort because the picture is so dark.

I couldn’t see any more easter-eggs myself :ohdear:

On the edit though, it’s quite an improvement for the most part. makes it look somewhat unnatural though, but just a bit, and mainly just the plants in front of the logs.

The switch to darkness under that fir in the background is too strong and sudden.

Very good edit nevertheless.


Does nobody see the Phys and Grav gun!?

When you see it,
you will shit bricks.