A clown pulls off a practical joke...

Hurr hurr,

lol clever, although the victim should be more surprised, after all he did think he would get shot.

Lovely Joker model and funny concept. I think that the faceposing fits because at first he thought he’d get shot, but then he thought “What and idiot…”

Yeah I think the guy is exasperated more than anything. In a state of shock so severe he doesn’t have stupid faceposing like “zomg wtf!?”. The Joker isn’t faceposable, sadly.

Joker doesn’t need any faceposing really. I mean, his expression is like all the time! Well, other than his eyes.

I originally wanted the pose to be the Joker with his hand on his stomach and his back arched backwards, his head back like he was laughing manically at the guy after pulling the trigger… and then I found out he’s not faceposable.



Lol thanks for the comments.

Reminds me of Mortal Kombat VS DC universe.
With the Joker having a finishing move when he shoots a fake pistol (like that) then he pulls another pistol, the victim is like “ah, not again!” and then it was a real pistol.
I find my lack of periods disturbing.

Ahaha that was my inspiration! I think I’m going to do a pose of that other move he has, where he holds out his hand and uses a buzzer to electrocute his enemy. He says “put it there!” or something.

You do know two pulls of that trigger impales the target?

Hm? Elaborate please.

Its a MK model

In the comics if he pulled the trigger twice it’d impale the targets

And if the enemy attacks he gets shocked.
Was my favorite move right after the boxing glove.

Ahahah that’s awesome.

Oh yeah I remember that, he like tricks them, then he shots it in them anyway. Or something like that?

Yeah, and his flower shoots acid.