A Clown

My friends I have searched Gmod and to no success I havent been able to find a clown model. The closest thing I got to was a L4D Tank clown model. Except the uploader hadnt made it for gmod and told no one to make it for gmod. He said he would do it himself but that was almost a year ago. The Joker is a good clown model but I just want a sterotypical clown. You know like Adam from Dead Rising which cant be ported anyways or IT. Thank you.

hmm, with Deans permission, maybe you could reskin the African-American individual/ Or headhack it?

Actually that sounds like I real good idea. The problem is I can’t reskin or headhack. I have problems with headhacking. I cant figure out the qc for the model. The material paths for it I mean. And by the way this is in no way related to whats his faces L4D 2 zombie clown thing. Iv wanted a clown for a while. Its just coincidence that he had a similar request to mine.

There’s been some model extractions of models from the Sims 2, right? Well, the Freetime exspansion pack included a whole Clown Outfit. If somebody could somehow port that over to Gmod everything will be fine and dandy.

I’d do it, but 1. I have no knowledge is shipping or rigging, and two, all my Sims 2 stuff is on my dead laptop.

hey can you get me the l4d2 clown please

No, no one will.


well played, sir

Though if the L4D2 clown actually does get ported successfully, perhaps someone can clean up the textures like we did Jimmy Gibbs Jr.

Actually, this gave me an idea

I could rip the clown from Hitman Blood Money, you just gotta find someone to rig it though.This is what he looks like


Get it, and I’ll rigg it, however… I can’t compile.

Textures and file for rigging