A COA tank moving through the ruins of a city.

COA stands for Coalition Of America, they’re a bunch of dudes from the 80s in some alternate history timeline i wrote.

I’d write a bit of backstory but i doubt anyone cares so here’s a (hopefully) pretty picture.


Big thanks to Lt_C for helping me make it less brown.

In all honesty, the backstory would of made this alot more worthwhile.

Pic’s pretty good, but i’d move the fog back some, add some super DOF, and add a little bit of space to the left

i like this

The Gunner’s mind = “Like a Boss”

Long story short, Floater_TWO likes to crash Hueys.

Where did you get that tank model?

Nice picture the smoke/fog just looks awesome.

But may I ask where’d you get that tank model… it looks very Vietnam war era?

I could be wrong but it looks like the Hellcat, M10 replacement from Company of Heroes.

Yeah I had a feeling it was that tank

It’s the M18 hellcat from company of heroes, yeah.

The pack it was in i can’t find anymore but the model is huge.


I had to shrink down 3 of them so i had a floating barrel, a floating turret, and a body with no turret or gun, then i had to reassemble them all together. I dropped so many tanks through the floor.

Whole reason i made this is because i wasn’t going to let the effort i put into putting it together go to waste :v:

So far one of the best Cold war era photos. Keep em coming! I want to see more of your work!

could you give us the link to your alternate history timeline?

I’m planning to try to make another pose else set in this same universe with the same guys so i’ll post it there if i can make the pose sexy enough to be worthy of a thread.