a coffee cup

can somebody do a white colored coffee cup with the words

“World’s Greatest Dad”

is for a small video im doing. oh and the whole Cup shall be white colored and the Text Black colored.

Thank you for reading, (you also get credits)

Seems simple enough. Do you want any specific font for the text? I won’t be able to work on it this weekend because of a small trip, but it should only take a day or two of work to model and texture it. So expect it by around monday or tuesday.


He means he cant work on it on the weekend, so he is going to work on it on monday.

I think he said “what” because of the time frame. I didn’t know it was possible to take that long to make a simple coffee cup. I can only imagine what he would be like working at a game company.

"Gill, is that coffee cup done yet?
“Yes Sir, only took about 2 days.”
“Right. Well, your next assignment is a rusty barrel.”
“Mmm, that’s gonna’ take about 2 weeks.”

No offense. Anyways, here’s the coffee cup. Took about 30 minutes.


The liquid at the top is uneven because the ground is shaking.

i want it

Ah, well the actual modeling took only about 30 minutes, compiling it into Garry’s Mod was another thing. After a couple hours of trial and error, I made it into an addon. Here’s some screenshots.

The rendered cup.


In Garry’s mod.




Then the Garry’s Mod addon.

He got permed unless he makes an alt

Ah, well nonetheless a cup that anyone can use.