A cold day in a american territory

This is a new manga i make for you!~ Please enjoy!



This is clearly Russian propaganda.

((Also, “he sold rope for a living” then cutting to a suicide frame is comedy gold.))

100% agreed.

What the ever loving fuck?

Spell checker if this is not deliberate.

It wouldn’t be such a mindfuck with the right spelling.

This is like “The Room” intended to be serious but it’s still a great comedy.


my children is death too.


why do your comics all end in suicide?


did americans kill your dog or something?

“My child is death”
At first I thought Alyx was gonna turn into the Grim Reaper but…

and what’s with all the suicide endings?


I LOVE melodramas!!! i want to make melodrama stories for my life profession.

Sorry my english is not so good, i google to help with words i am not sure.

Canada had it coming.

They couldnt stop those bad men because she didnt have wepon!

Axe zombie ghoast for help!

This reminds me of kleiner noir.

Kind of like the troll comics except this is actually funny.

Funny because Tokyopop thinks he/she/ I forget is doing something good.
Like Tommy Wiseau, only without the strange voice and sexy hair.

Do I even bother with this one?

Ubersucking grammar.

Russian propaganda, yeah :smiley:

The autor is Russian i think.

And hell, manga?



[quote=“Euphe, post:16, topic:58566”]

Ubersucking grammar.
The autor is Russian i think.
QUOTE]I AM NOT RUSSIAN, i am nipon!!!~

no you are bad poster~