A collection of questions for a specific project

Hello all, I’ll be throwing up questions here as they arise as I know there are a lot of very experienced mappers with knowledge to share. More than happy to be pointed towards appropriate wikis/helpfiles but for some of these issues I’m not even sure what the relevant help would be under. Where I am at now I have these questions:

  • Reskinning: I’ll need to play about with a vtf editor or something like that? From what I’ve heard it’ll be a matter of exporting models as tga’s into photoshop and then putting them back as vtf’s so they can be used in hammer? I’ve never used photoshop before either, but essentially all I need are white and black models of exactly the same face.
  • Camera Trick: I just need the camera to show the face of the player briefly at the start of the map, or to somehow trigger a quick camera movement which has the player view their character close up for a second or two before snapping back to a third person perspective. The skin colour of the player character is very important and from third person you can’t really make it out all that well.
  • Auto-execute: I’m able to run my .lua’s from inside the editor which strip my character of weapons and switch to the third person, but is there a way to set the camera to third person by default (ie when I run the map it’ll load in third person and automatically execute my lua script which strips all of the guns including phscannon etc).

Got some great help here a week or two ago which I’m thankful for but this is a work in progress and I’m bound to come up against some more issues. Thanking you in advance for any responses.

  • Reskinning, this is mapping, not models, ask in models section.
  • The player does not have a model by default. You will have to do some modelling or lua dohickery. Again, not our section.
  • Again…this is the mapping section. Ask in lua section for anything lua based.

Also, consider asking for help in the help threads.

Maybe you should have considered shortening your response to a simple ‘leave please’. Would have been a more elegant solution.

Point taken, I apologise for being in the wrong place. But up until now people have been happy to answer questions I’ve posted here about skins etc so I saw no reason to stop. I’ll split it up and place it all elsewhere.

For skinning, you can open the vtf with vtfedit file>export

It will export as a .tga, you then can modify the texture. When you’re done, you go into vtfedit again and
do file>import choose the tga you just saved, then save it with the same name as the original .vtf

Although what ironphoenix is true, in games such as hl2:dm or garrysmod you can do thirdperson and render the player. You can try a point_viewcontrol pointing at his face. Just make sure you have thirdperson on in console to begin with, otherwise you need a coder to make the gamemode have third person.

The lua command would probably be best to ask the lua section.

Did i say anywhere about leaving?

I just suggested that you post things in the correct sections, so the people who know about the subjects can help you in the best ways.

Thankyou both for the help. Sorry Iron, I’m afflicted in that I tend to interpret neutral points in a negative way, pay no attention to my dysfunction, I do really appreciate being pointed in the right direction.

That’s excellent news firegod, I had worried this would be the hardest part. I will download a program like photoshop and have a play with the skins.

Thanks again.

I thought I used verbose words from time to time D:

Yes yes I know, I read too many journal articles and don’t get out of the house enough, not at all the student life I had envisaged.

@Firegod - I’ve been able to export eric_facemap.vtf from source 2007 shared materials (it had to be from this destination or else it wouldnt work) and mess with it in photoshop. For my purposes this model is perfect, but how do I now get to the point where I can use it in hammer? Essentially I want two versions of this same model, one with light skin and one dark, and I need to place them both like I can place the male_1 and male_2 style npc citizens. Is this a simple step?

Failing that I could submit to using black and white skinned versions of the basic citizens, however they wont remain stable. Each time I run the map they either appear differently or are consistently different models to the ones I view in hammer. Any thoughts on this?

Thanks all.

There is a flag in the entity you need to uncheck. It’s something like random model.