A Colonial Conscript Prays to The Mother

Just a couple more boring pictures.

I made this the exact time I made the other.

Might as well get it out.


why are all of the dark areas so bright and gray

the illumination doesn’t look like daylight - it just brightens the picture up too much and blows out the highlights

Down, down, down to the bottom of the sea.

Do something else already, people don’t seem to be interested in this stuff anymore.

A giant Vorts vs Antlions-battle scene would be cool.

Mass Effect :geno:
Do what Joazzzzzzzzzzz said. Sounds cool.

I am still interested. And always will be. Do what you wanna do Benny.

And this is a nice simple pose by the way i like it.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I like this, it inspires thought into other things not depicted in the picture.

They don’t even look like fucking conscripts. They look like insane Turian Warriors

What you lack is:


Anyhow, I have five days of nothing so hopefully I will cook something up. Been thinking about several pictures.

Joazz, I have had that idea in my head and frankly I am saving it for future Vortigaunt Chronicles. It follows a story and war is key part of that story.

I like when you have time to yourself, you create the most obscure and original poses… I would much prefer if you quit your job, dropped out of school, dumped your girlfriend and became a hobbit so I can have new desktops daily.

If I did that I would have an influx of really shitty/uninteresting pictures. Frankly, it is things like school and work (well, I am unemployed at the moment…) that keeps my mind going, because I never know where I will get inspiration from.

Besides, a lot of my ideas that feel like ‘the big one’ (the kind of picture that would be remembered amongst the others) unfortunately do not turn out the way I want and drop it all together. Plus, as I said earlier I need practice with the whole ‘special effects’ thing in photoshop.

But I appreciate it.

I have been the same way of late… just no inspiration. Get halfway through a pose… and go “Ah this is shit” and delete it all and shut down Gmod. Hence my lack of any real activity on here until today.

haha you guys can’t find inspiration? hell, every picture i make turns in to a goldmine regardless of where i pose or what models i use. i’ll always manage to throw something together and so should you.

don’t sit down and expect yourself to make one particular thing - be creative when doing it. you’ll probably end up doing something totally different and it’ll usually be better anyway. you just have to find out the background first and plot everything else in.

ben, your problem is you’re too focused on portrait shots. you want to make a “big one” but that requires an action sequence; not a vortigaunt sitting on an idle antlion guard; not some guys standing around with guns; you need shit going on everywhere. You’ll most likely have to use more than one picture to get the message across because doing it in one picture is normally never enough in a sense of action unless you really know what you’re doing.

in the meantime these pictures are boring because you don’t bring out the details. you could apply obscene amounts of sharpen and do some other things to really bring out the detail (albeit you are limited solely because the textures aren’t behemoth and photographically detailed) rather than just have these plain-jane snapshots with little to no detail in them.

I notice your join date 69… what is your previous tag if you have one?

angry baker
ad typhoon
toad phony
phony toad
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argyle singer
Enrages Girly

those are just the ones i saved because i knew i’d have them for longer than a day

Ah angry baker… I remember that name now… Well some of us have tapped our well and are simply looking for another… mine seem to be these first person zombie ones I have been doing.

I’ll keep that in mind. I agree almost full-heartedly.

Holy shit you’re angry baker? Changed a lot for the better man!
About the pic
I like the lighting in these pictures. But it looks like you have some clipping on the main one’s stomach.

no i didn’t i’m a conforming faggot who’s pretending to be nice because most people on here still require people to hold their hands to make a decent picture

the clipping is caused by ragdoll rigging. he could fix this but it’d be totally time consuming and unrewarding; especially since the picture is already so bland.

There he is…