A Combat robot doing what combat robots do best

Found some good use for DTMech’s BF2142 weapons. Couldn’t decide which version I should post, so I’ll post both versions.


A less colourful version:




The map was Freespace 06 with minor scene building. In-game effects made with Particle Controller.

So eeeeeh, C&C?

Cool picture, I really like all the effects.

Now would you mind telling me what the fuck I have done wrong? :saddowns:

Damn man those effects look mighty fine.

Any particular tutorials?

Cool scenebuild and idea.


Sorry, I was just generally mad at pretty much everything yesterday.

Brushes, knowledge about filling modes and filters, experience.

I would make a tutorial, but I’m bad at making tuts.


Have you tried making one? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes. One.

But the general things in making effects like these are: Selections, Filling Bucket, a shitload of layers, Hard Light and some blur in the right places.

Main problem is that everytime you make some effect, you have to make it a bit different way.

Nice model. The desaturated version is superior in my opinion.


Oh wait it’s a bunch of guns stuck together.


Well, at least I can experiment with new techniques that way. And the effects won’t look pasted on that way either :v:

That’s a pretty sweet robot build. Nice editing too!

Fantastic building there, have a wrench. :v:

Really sweet dude