A combine scanner observing a wasteland and "free bubz"

Something I made so I would not feel guilty posting a skin pose outside the thread.


I did the posing, Bubz the “Optimistic Guy” added in the text and other editing. Hey, Bubz had a whole series going on and he only got banned due to trolling, so don’t ban me here.


Holy shit, that looks great.

The pic of the scanner is quite nice mate, looks really calm and has a nice atmosphere.
The light beams are cool too.

Also, poor Bubz :frowning: I hope he has an optimistic time on the RC.

If anyone is wondering, I’m, in a way, trying to break down the notion that I make gay poses, which, even though I did for a while, will work on other endeavors.

He’s not there.

Well good to see you posting some kinda of decent work, You spamming up the screenshot section really has gotten pretty stupid.

Hey thats the first non-misleading title not including men getting it on tounge-to-tounge.

I kinda like the way the sun beams turned out, though I wish there was more settings to play with, I still believe the scanner turned out beautifully.

This is why I fell in love with this guy in the first place.

Yea, I impress you, don’t I?

A whole lot actually. :v:

You know? for some reason my Gmod its uncapable of processing the sun beams.
I try using the post-process and nothing happens :saddowns: It really pisses me off, but I guess it might be my crappy pc.

Just how crazy are you for a stud like me? :v:

You just answered the question for me in that quote, you adorable and charming little beefcake. :love:


Ladies and gentlemen, we have a STUD OF THE DECADE award for a Mr. DemonicLemon. :woop:




first picture has pretty nice colors