A Combine Skirmish


Note: The guy kneeling down with his left hand up is NOT doing it to the soldier on the ground nor is he looking at him. Thank you.

“Those are no humans. Those are combine”

A) What map is that?
B) The US doesn’t hand out Jackhammers or MP5s to regular infantry.
C) Might just be me, but it looks like the guy on the right is holding his gun in a really weird way.

Then what they get? Hand-held-portal-gun? AR2?
Tell me…

A) De_Inferno
B) No MP5’s were used, and that’s the AA-12 by Wystan. Just wanted to try out his model.
C) Yeah, it’s the angle. He’s posed perfectly fine, but the angle is making it look weird. And it’s because the ACU is making the arms look bizarre.

What’s the soldier on the left using?
Looks like an MP5 to me.



They get m4s m16s benelli m4 shotguns

Mp5`s as far as i know are only used by pilots as a handy light submachinegun

It’s called a Benelli M1 and most infantry don’t use that any more. What few soldiers do use a shotgun tend to use the M1014.

Then I guess it’s a good thing there aren’t any MP5’s in this picture then, isn’t it?

Good pose,by the way. Although, the guy on the right with the M16 does look kinda off.

I though they use the W1006 shotgun or is that just the rangers?

Oh shush, you. You’re just happy your Scar-L is coming in.