A Combine Soldier Has A Crowbar In His Head! (For lack of a more creative title)

A Combine Soldier Has A Crowbar In His Head!


That combine soldier sure has a crowbar in his head.

He sure does. :geno:

Yeah crowbars don’t exactly make great stabbing weapons.
Oh well, looks good.

The blood lacks depth so it looks pasted on but the rest is nice.

How do I add depth? :ohdear:

Rebel looks like he’s scratching himself :v:





blood looks good but its a little too animated
posing and everything else looks good

Well gee, perhaps its the fact that crowbars are made to open crates and not be shoved through armored helmets?
Yeah, could have something to do with that.

So what? It’s made of metal. It’s going to go through that helmet, it can’t even be that thick. You can stab with a crowbar. Prove to me you cannot, or I renounce your knowledge of the subject, clearly you possess little.


I love how he’s shoved in that tire.

orly ? nice picture, and is the tier attached to a rope so he can be that way(not on the ground) ?

The blood looks fine, just remember to shade it according to the light source, if it’s on a shadow then darken it, makes it fit in alot better.

I laughed. The tire part is hilarious. Have funnie.

poor combine just wanted to swing on the tire, mean rebels, trixy, false

Thanks for commenting guys. I’ll remember to shade my blood next time!