A Combine Violator walking through an empty street.


I thought something different when I read the title. :v:

still haven’t figured out how to isolate huh

maybe i don’t want to isolate.
ever thought about that?

I rarely isolate. :slick:

i never said you had too, just implying it makes your pictures look nice

Why not?

Sometimes, I don’t isolate… and it turns out shit.

I like the thick rain but it doesn’t seem to blend since it’s not coliding with anything.
And the other layer or rain, well, it’s better off without it.


“Combine Violator” sounds wrong.

Combine Violator


dude i should go inside then i dont wanna be violated


laser rifle up the butt :saddowns:

Were did you get that laser rifle prop?

Got it from the Jaanus Model P ack.

Did you get the Violator himself from that pack? He looks really neat.

Don’t say that or he might Violate you.


yes. yes I did.

and god damnit people be mature :v: I couldn’t think of a better name.

I love shots like this.