A comic you probably won't get #1.

Russian Roulette!


Liquid Luck anyone ?

the ambassador uses shotgun shells!

Play russian roulette with a semi-automatic :cawg:
Makes more fun.

Yeah, it’s Russian Roulette.

Duh. :downs:

Well tell Hairybastard that because he apparently didn’t get it.
Hence the title.

Its the RED spy’s ambassador, meaning the heavy was unharmed!

That ambassador was loaded with ketchup, no need to worry.

No, that was the tv one

Oh I thought you said something about this also.

“You love doing TF2 comics that don’t make sense don’t you” you said when I showed you that comic.


Yes we here At R.U.D.E Take no risk with our fine products.
Those “Bullets” are just ketch-up packs that explodes when you pull the “trigger”.

Love that lighting.

Then everyone will die.

I love playing Russian Roulette.

I’ve died several times but it’s still fun.



Obviously the heavy cheated… his finger is too fat to even fit inside that trigger… hole?

Is it because the ambassador is red (its handle), and the heavy is red, the engineer is blue?

Is there no red/blue ambassador? It’s just that the handle looks reaaaaaally red.

Blame Valve.


I guess I don’t get it then :frowning:

ROFL at this, since a semi-auto would just automatically load the next available bullet even if its at the bottom, meaning instant death for the user.

Thank you Captain Obvious.

No s#!t sherlocks.
Say it ain’t so. :rolleyes: