A Commemorative Photograph of PMC.



I like the idea and style, but it took me a while to understand it.

I think the old photography theme doesn’t make sense because of all the modern tech and guns they’re using
but the concept and posing is really nice

I like it :smiley:

looks like someone took a diarrhea dump on a strip of positive sepia film from powder cameras and went over the subjects’ eyes with a black marker but it’s not even the right aspect ratio for film (let alone anything), so who are you fooling? good job putting an unsightly, large black border around the image that’s larger than the image itself, thus creating ugly white space and too stark of a contrast between the image and its border. why did you even feather it?? good job ddok now everyone knows you’ve never manually developed pictures in your 12 year lifetime.

it’s shit. always will be shit

lol at the above post.

skull mask and tacticool gun

Ya, no.

The blurryness of the photo is bothering me.

It looks nice.
I don’t know why everyone says it looks like someone ate 12 hamburgers and took a shit over it.

(Yay post 1600!)

I expect this picture to be in a top secret folder with some highly classified stuff. The people above obviously didn’t get that. Great work sir.

I got that, but it still looks bad

I love how one of them is holding a S.A.W. with only one hand without any trouble.

And another is holding a tacTic00l AKM with a Drum magazine with one hand also, again with no effort.

The editing is just bad in my opinion, it’s way too brown and sandy, I know what you were trying with it but still.

The posing on the guy with the Sako is akward also, He should have his right arm lowered down more to signify that he’s relaxed.

I saw a video of a guy dual wielding SAWs and shooting them. His arm isn’t at the right angle to be holding it 1-handed, but it is possible.

Yes I saw that video too, he was having extreme trouble keeping his stance, and he was moving extremely sluggishly with them, The position the guy holding it in the screenshot would just be extreamly hard due to the fact the gun weighs almost as much as 2 fully loaded battlerifles.