A commericial jet crashing in the sea


a cropped version:

Pic/posing/whatever: by me
Edit: Zeraxify.

me and my crashing airplanes.

Awesome :v:

The water splashes look great. I think I can see some water ripples above the surface though.

I don’t like how the sky is all cloudy and there isn’t really this great transition between sea and sky… And there’s a lot of waisted space. Maybe if you put some land masses in the distance.

But other than that, it’s really nice :smiley:

You and your crashing airliners.

yeah, me and my crashing pieces of metal falling from 36,000 feet

LOL oh you
nice edit and prop placement :v:

I don’t know about you but it doesn’t quite look like it’s crashing so much as thrashing in the water.

and then,one survivor gets to the surface,discovers a lighthouse and BioShock begins…


I like your splash effect :smiley:

Thanks. It’s actually my first time doing splashes :3:

Needs more debris.

They should have got to the CHOPPA!!!

as a bit of constructive critisim:
-where’s the swash from the plane??
-shouldn’t the engines have SOME effect on the water behind it??

other than that, very good, it looks a bit stationary though…