A compass for my HUD, Where to start?

Does anyone have a good link to a tutorial or a compass that is by itself, and not attached to a bunch of other elements?

You can try checking out garrysmod.org, Pretty sure I saw a few compasses on a few HUDs

If you read what I asked for I said for a tutorial and/or “A COMPASS THAT IS BY ITSELF, AND NOT ATTACHED TO A BUNCH OF OTHER ELEMENTS”.

I believe he was saying take a look, and find the code in it that handles the compass so you can learn how it is done:

I already looked there. You dont have to send me links that i can just google myself. Im asking here because I already looked and found nothing.

You cant get upset at us when you give us such little information. And almost nobody here will take the time to spoonfeed you, Do what daranable said and find out how its done.

I was simply saying have a look. Two minutes after I decided to see what I could find I found this:

It shows fairly well how it can be done.

Instead of showing me a file path that means nothing you could have posted something along the lines of this
degrees = -ply:GetAngles().y-90
if math.Round(degrees)<0 then degrees=degrees+360 end
if math.Round(degrees)>=0 and math.Round(degrees)<= 45 then

Oh sorry, I wasnt aware it was so hard to look at a file. Next time i’ll drop everything im doing, download some addon for you. Get 3 lines of code from it and post it. Just for you, Keep it a secret…kay?

brandon, we are not about to do your work for you. Your lucky I even gave you the file to look at, that is more than most people would even think of doing.

Also please don’t say you’ve looked for something when you very clearly haven’t.

I think I’ll just solve all our problems and not offer any help next time you ask. :slight_smile:

Fuck you bro, I did look at shit on garrysmod.org and most of the code they did made no sense or it was a plugin, so before trying to make up my mind for me go shove your foot up your ass and think again.

Whoa calm down. Jesus you flew off the handle quicker then charlie sheen…

We gave you help, Facepunch isnt here to spoonfeed you bro.

You both should be banned from this community for trolling and flaming.

Perhaps you didnt know you posted this.

We tried to help you and you kept saying “No give me code!”

Where the fuck did I say that?