A compilation of images found in my screenshot folder

Sometimes, you create a picture, and then you forget about it or you deem it not good enough.

These are their stories.







These are up to a year old. Some have been edited slightly by me today, but most of them have their orignal editing as they were.

I like them, I say they are indeed worthy of posting.

Most of my screenshots share a similar fate. I have a countless number of ones I never posted.

All are fantastic as usual buddy.

I dont’ understand the 2nd one.

Was that a Law & Order reference I just read?

This shit is purely awesome.

The first and fifth are awesome, the rest are meh.

The first is just WOAH!

thanks guys

amd yeah joazzz, thats kinda the point.

Diggin the color and depth of 4.

I’m gonna get rated rainbows for this, but…

On that last one it looks like they just got caught after the zombie on the ground finished giving the standing zombie a BJ.

I like how u use lighting and reflection. Also neat works.

I like all of them, but I especially like the one with the chopper. Such underestimated cinematic angles that are taken for granted these days. Not to mention rarely seen… Keep up the good work.