A compilation of my latest stuff

I gathered some of my shit. Thumbnails because I CAN.


My work varies much more than some of you may think.

Some of those are really nice.
Good work Joazzz c:

Some truely amazing stuff you’ve done over the last few months Joazzz, I love your variation in colours and themes. Awesome stuff!

Last time I saw your work I tought like “no”,
but these… best thing that ever happened to this section
Awesome work! fucking proffesionall

Fixed for ya’. :wink:

… but yeah, most of these look amazing.
Good choice of music for the compilation.

Nice, the one with the Cthulhu(or however you spell that) monks is my favourite!



Ktulu, Kthulhoo, Khtulu, Chatooloo, Cthulu, Cthulhu, Chthulhu, Chthulu, there’s no wrong way to spell it.

hypnotoad lrn2lovecraft

Rattle your fuckin’ head.

I’m a fan of Vic.

I already saw most of your pictures and I really enjoyed seeing them again.
Awesome crossovers, references, we can easily see the effort you put in them and they really inspire me. I don’t know what else you could do to make something cooler :v:
Good job dude.

You make really cool action screenshots.

Last picture: far-left tank/explosion. I swear I’ve seen a minishot of that on dA, but I can’t identify. Why I was looking at that above, say, the epic battle taking place with great detail, I’ll never know.


You are too creative.
You will be disposed of.

You are pure, unrefined awesome Joazzz.

Hmm, I don’t go to DA much.

Amazing stuff as always, love your lighting effect sharp and strong.

I love all of 'em Joazzz, especially the third one! Awesome work!

These are cool.

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