A complete CS:S weapons pack for Garry's Mod

Every single prop, entities, weapon, map or skin requires at least CS:S weapons, which I do not have. I only have Garry’s Mod installed on my PC, not CS:S which means that each time I get into a server that has CS:S weapons in it (pretty much every server) I get an error. I’m more than sick and tired of it. So my question is this (if not even a request) is there any downloads for a complete CS:S weapons? And if there is, can you guys redirect me, that will help me a lot.


Well, handing you CS:S files would be illegal since its considered warez.

Im not talking about the files in general. I’m more like talking about the particular guns that are in CS:S. More like an ordinary Garry’s Mod swep weapon pack download. Is there any available? or is it illegal?

Seriously? CS:S costs like $15. Just buy it for christ sake…

That is why there is a css + gmod bundle