A comprehensive Rust/Experimental server admin commands list

I have searched extensively for a current list of Rust EXPERIMENTAL commands for the admin, and most links I find are extremely old, or I am shown a Legacy list. Any help would be appreciated.

What exactly were you searching for?
I know that Rcon can do probably majority of what you are looking for

find .

You searched extensively and you never once saw this command? (The space and period are part of the command)

I’ll rephrase the question. I searched online and in this forum for a listing of admin commands and and what they do. I am aware of the find and help command in the console, but was hoping for a more definitive guide as to the actions and parameters. For example, I see a command called decay.scale and the default is “1”. I am guessing changing that to “0” would turn off decay on the server. This example is more easily deducible than most of the other commands, hence my search for a more descriptive command line guide. Thanks in advance for the help.