A condense of the new stuff for a old player?

I’m back because I just found out the new Rust. I played 30 minutes and noticed some problems with the footstep sound and also the history is not working but the game look so good and weird at first view and I think I’ll give it a try.

So I have made a spear already and hate. Drinking?

I need to make paper to build a house I think, it’s what they said in the chat.

Video condense?

(A condense for me is a like a tooltip bubble or tips when some game load…)

Maybe if u learn some english we can understand ur problem and explain it to u :smiley:

So u are looking for a video explanation where they make a house? (blueprint from paper etc…?)

Maybe this helps?

What the paper is for is making the plans for a house. With that you can then select between various architectural plans to build the parts of your house. First you lay down foundations (which, when aiming at an existing foundation, can be snapped together uniformly quite easily), then you switch to and build the walls and a doorway, then the roof, then put in a door and perhaps build a lock onto that door. After you build the lock, you will also have to make a key. Now you have a house with the safety of a door only you can open using your key. feel free to put a campfire, furnace, all of the usual stuff in it.

Beyond that, the collection of resources is relatively similar. Trees now disappear if you collect all of their wood, etc.

Are you seriously saying he needs to learn some English? R U srsly? Probably that guy doesn’t speak English as first language (same as me) and he still writes better than you, some small errors but still understandable; bet you mix you’re with your, they’re with their, etc…
Other than that, the video is helpful, thank you for that.

As a back again Rust player I am frustrated with the lack of online guides for things. I’ve played on a few servers and when I ask a question it either gets ignored or someone says something like Google is so hard. I think to myself, REALLY? You took the time to write out that sentence instead of the sometimes simple yes or no answer I was looking for? For instance if I hide my key outside my house is it going to decay and disappear or does it need to be in a box? I only ask questions if I can’t find it online first and it seems any search for building (which was a bit frustrating) your house or anything else just turns up results for Legacy. Anyhow if anyone knows of a good new to experimental Rust guide, it would be awesome if you posted it here.

Hit tree w/ rock > 100 wood > make hammer > hit tree w/ hammer > 200 wood > make spear (best for killing animals) > hit tree > 200 wood > hit rocks > 100 stone > make stone hatchet > hit tree /w hatchet > 100 wood > make paper > make foundation > now go raid / greif others OR build / get raided / get greifed. :slight_smile:

This is my first 5 to 10 minutes every time I come into rust naked.

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Good things to know ------

-60 wood on campfire cooks meat. Over 100 wood burns it
-If you can place a foundation in front if your door that’s bad. Someone will wall up your front door = you locked in. Me? What? Who said…
-Do not leave with your keys on you! Right now you can lock up then drop / throw your keys back inside your front door. This will be patched soon. I suggest hide / destroy keys when you leave. Anything, throw them in ocean. Just don’t keep them on you!

  • Building - wall levels 1-4 hammer is best - levels 4-6 salvaged hammer is best
  • Don’t forget to upgrade foundations and ceilings!
  • Breaking walls - 6-4 stone hatchet best - 4-0 metal hatchet best. 6-0 takes about 1 hour 30 minutes I think w/ one person

Anything else just ask