A Cool Night and a Warm Fire

The music is best when played a little quietly.


Pyro as requested by… someone.


Comments, Praise, and Criticism, Please!

That’s really nice! The finger posing is perfect, and so is the pose. I do think the fire could be a bit more TF2ish though.

Meh, I’m not spending as much time on the editing as usual, and I didn’t want to bother hand drawing the fire.

I did my best making it as TF2-ish as I could.

That Spy got what he had coming. Very nice.

Now you made me jealous again and sure that i will never be able to do that.

It’s more discouraging then anything for me :c

That’s pretty damn sexy, V.

AI, no need to be discouraged, every pose has his own editing “style” which are all good.
Your poses are really good even without editing (PS or in-game).

The more you do this, the more you make me want a shot at scenebuilding.

Good stuff as usual.

Awesome stuff.

My new favorite picture.
I see no fault with it.

Thanks for the comments guys!

(Also, Butthurted must have something against me, he keeps rating my pictures dumbs and disagrees)

Oh this is superb. The lighting, posing and editing is fantastic. And a great scenebuild too! Man after seeing this, Im tempted to go try scenebuilding myself.
Awesome work vman!

Oh boy, it’s beautiful.

You sound like The Combine.


he rates everyones pictures dumb and disagree.

on a related note, it and butthurter are the same, right?

Him, Blackrazor and Farahon shit so far. Just ignore and rate them dumb back. Amazing picture by the way.

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I like your TF2 pictures. They’re refreshing from all the run-of-the-mill TF2 pictures around here.

The christ, how’d you get the shadows so crisp?

Those aren’t edited.

This is now my new wallpaper.

Dunno. I noticed that for me the shadows look better than usual. They aren’t as grainy as they used to be. It could have been an update or something, but I don’t know.

Also, Super DoF really helps smooth the shadows.