A Corporate Zombie X-Mas

haha, nice.

Merry Christmas!

haha quite awesome Striker, nice PJ’s

Haha, awesome.

Haha, Gogi

Pop! IT’S HIM!

“he just got soo mad he just…turned to stone.” Just made my day

Hahaha. Poor Nexus. xD

I’m not familiar with most of the characters, but the solider got a really big present. Is he trying to compensate for something?

hillarious great job as always

Yays, I got a Giddyup Buttercup :keke:

Great comic, man… and merry christmas to all of you!

Haha nice, merry christmas :smiley:

M-m-m-merry christmas!

I didn’t even get a present, i just got thrown in the fireplace :saddowns:

At least it’s nice and warm.

Mad got so angry he became stone? Last time he got that mad he became a Flesh pounder.

whats with the pig?

Hurr, nice one.

Agreed. That and the “as for BigBoom… Well…”