A couple bugs that I'm hoping can be solved.

I just got G-Mod yesterday, and I’ve had a couple problems with things like the graphics and key layout. If you have solutions for either of these, it would be awesome if you could help.

  1. Something weird is going on with the 3D design of all of my tools. They’re stretched and they take up a big portion of the screen.

  1. Whenever I press C to get to the Context Screen, it just detaches my mouse from the game.

Like I said, if you have fixes for either of these, it would be great.

What are your system specifications? Could be that your computer isn’t up to running Garry’s Mod.

It sure doesn’t LOOK like your computer is up for it, at least.

I’m running on Vista, which seems to be the problem for most games, so that’s probably it.

Not really, mate.
Vista can have some bad optimization, but it doesn’t make a source game look that bad.

What are your video settings, and what are your specifications?

Please post the info you would get from direct x diagnostics.
(open run from start menu, type dxdiag and press enter)

I doubt it’s performance based, more likely to be driver/corrupted hardware if it was anything to do with his PC instead of Gmod installation.

I had the exact same issue a couple of weeks ago, in your library right click gmod, properties > launch options, then type in: “-dxlevel 81” But obviously without the quotes, this worked for me :slight_smile:

This issue isn’t about the OS, it’s more of a video card issue, OP, I suggest you update your video card’s driver and then re-run GMod again.

Do you not read posts -.- how would you even conclude its an OS issue, Vista was bad, but not that bad