A couple characters, a personal favour

There isn’t much of furry crap around Gmod whatsoever, but this, apart from that, is for something personal. Take it as a personal playermodel of mine.
I might ask someone to do a couple playermodels for these two characters of mine:

If you want to name them properly, the gray cat is Jack and the other one (siamese) is Ainhander.

EDIT: There’s this other ref for Ainhander, but beware, it’s NSFW:

Sorry…but…those images…well…quite honestly, they suck…

Not for being furry…they just…suck…

Sad but true.

I nearly puked when I saw the second one :c

I know, but honestly, I don’t have anything else as a ref.

I nearly forgot, I’ll be needing them in clothes. No one wants to see, IMHO, them nude.
For Ainhander, just blue jeans, a white t-shirt and white sneakers. And as for Jack, a gray leather jacket, gray jeans, a black t-shirt and brown sneakers. That’s all I can tell.

It’s intended as personal skins.

I disagree, they are terrible because they are furry.

This would take a lot of modeling effort, so I’m not sure anyone would do it. Most people on Facepunch aren’t patient enough to model anything.

Just let it take it’s time.

worst part was I didn’t even know what NSFW meant

And seep into your mind and make your tail grow.

Just… someone do it.

Those images are not good enough references. There is no way to model anything from those.