A couple Engine related questions

Question 1: Is there a way to remove gmod13’s speed cap?

Questions 2: Are elastic Constant/damping fixed after you set them? or do they change strength relative to weight of attached objects similar to welds?

Question 3: Old Dyno that Tolyzor made, does it work in gmod13 I cant tell if mine is correct or not? located here (Gmod Engine dyno

Question 4: I’ve built a “v-8” hydraulic motor, controlling its power via changing hydraulics constant. It seems that around 200,000 I maxed out its power and cannot seem to get anymore. Any advice? I do not use E2 nor do I wish to get flamed on this topic about my voice or contraption. Just curious if any of you had an idea or if MrWhite was still around he usually could help me.

Video of project with commentary that is giving me issues will be Uploaded soon, youtube is taking a bit today.
Also in video ignore my LUA errors, gotta love SpaceBuild :stuck_out_tongue:

youtube video finally