A couple Machinima Questions

Hey guys, I was thinking of making some Garry’s Mod videos, I have most of what I need like Garry’s Mod itself and and in-depth knowledge of operating it, as well as some addons that greatly help with cinematic stuff, but I still have a couple questions.

1.When it comes to getting the footage itself, the most common tool i’ve seen used is fraps. Do you have to buy it to use the capture feature or can you get what you need for a Machinima from the trial version?

2.I’ve seen certain videos without voice acting that use original quotes from characters like left 4 dead or Tf2, Do the people that make these get them from sounboards somehow? and even just normal sound effects, are these downloaded or are they recorded with an internal recorder of some sort on their computer?

3.When it comes to crediting people for things you use in your video, do you have to get permission from them bofore you use it or do you just have to include their name in the credits? and lastly I’ve seem in multiple videos people saying they use Sony Vegas pro which from what I’ve seen costs arount $500 so I haven’t a clue how they do. so I was wondering what a good video editing software would be that doestn’t cost an arm and a leg but still has good features like green screen and what not. So if you know or have any personal experiece with Machinimas, please let me know, Thanks!

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First, let me start by telling you don’t try and make your first machinima good. Just make it. Don’t let anyone else tell you what to do. My first machinima was completely uninfluenced by the forums here, as I hadn’t even signed up on FP then, and I think making the video without anyone telling you how you should make it really reveals your true skill. However, there are a few things you need. FRAPS, Catmull-Rom Cameras, SharpEye among various other tools that you can get at garrysmod.org. Sharpeye and Catmull can be obtained at gmod.org.

Regarding your first and third question, from my personal experience on Facepunch not many in the Video forum have a legal copy of Vegas or FRAPS… Whether you choose to pirate it or not is up to you, however I will not condone it on the forums as it is against the forum rules.

The sounds were most likely obtained from the ‘sounds’ folder of the directories of the game. In addition, you can try googling for Source soundpacks.

I hope that helps.