A couple mapping questions

I’ve been making a map for the EP2 branch of Source, and I just had a couple questions.

  1. Any reason that item_suit renders like this?

  2. Can I connect more than 6 sides of a skybox and have it still render right?

  1. It’s not made for rendering, it’s used in HL2 as a way of ensuring the player’s suit is on at the start of a level etc. (As far as I was aware, in HL2, it would be placed next to an info_player_start.)

  2. How do you mean? If you mean a non cuboid-shaped skybox, then providing it’s sealed, it should be absolutely fine.

Okay, well, how would I make it look like the one in “A Red Letter Day”?

put the actual prop down, with the item/entity inside it. there might be a flag for making it invisible

Oh, I didn’t know there was an actual hevsuit.mdl, but it’s the same thing as item_suit. Also, there is only a flag for short logon.

yep. might just be called suit.mdl. you can make it a prop dynamic and make the input/output chain like when you pick up the actual item, the prop disappears/is killed when triggered

You could also parent it to the suit.

ive never included an HEV in any of my maps, so I wouldnt know.

It renders the same as item_suit, not with the HQ skin that’s in a red letter day. Also, taking the hevsuit texture and putting it into EP2/materials did not work. What do I need to do to get the textures working right?

The hl2 suit is a lot more detailed as it was needed to be seen. In ep1 and on, the suit never needed to been seen, so the model used was a low poly one.

Yes, I know. Do I need to port the model? Or just textures?

Just replace the ep2 suit with the hl2 Suit in your models and materials folder

How am I to do that if the Source Models gcf is shared throughout the whole engine?

Place it in ep2\ep2\

anything in those directories overrides the gcf.

Didn’t work. I placed it in C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps*\half life 2 episode 2\ep2, didn’t work. I also tried making a new folder called ep2 inside C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps*\half life 2 episode 2\ep2. Then, I tried renaming that folder to models, and still didn’t work. I copied these files over.


goes in
half life 2 episode 2\ep2\models\items\

The textures go in half life 2 episode 2\ep2\materials\models\HEVSuit

That worked, thanks!


That doesn’t help. Send the compile log.

Displaced wall, you mean the wall is a displacement? If so, what is the power of the displacement? If it’s 4, bring it down, you may have too many, what’s it called, verts? too close together.